Welcome to EMSI, Inc., the most recognized name among manufacturer representatives in the electrical industry for international sales.

EMSI’s employee owned firm offers world class sales and marketing expertise throughout the globe.

Our customers and our manufacturers receive high quality and cost-effective global market penetration.

Our combination of trained sales, logistics and accounting professionals provide well coordinated rapid access to a wide range of products.

Through our own engineers, overseas offices and long years of experience, we work with a wide network of distributors, contractors, engineering firms and end-users around the world.

Capitalizing on EMSI’s broad market knowledge, wide range of products and extensive understanding of the languages and cultures of our customers, EMSI is the first choice among both customers and manufacturers looking to establish, manage or expand their global reach.

Furthermore, as we expand EMSI’s horizons beyond our traditional niche, we have enhanced our instrumentation and safety  products offering with more highly technical and specialty materials.

For those customers and manufacturers that have been with us for years, we are grateful for your support. For those companies looking to grow beyond the domestic market, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.