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EMSI, Inc works with Aetna Insulated Wire to offer building wire and specialty cable solutions to our customers. Aetna uses a new mold cure process to make its cables and wire resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture, and fluid. Traditional thermoset mold processes insulate cables and wire from chemicals, provide high thermal stability and are resistant to cold flow and deformation. Aetna’s mold cure process gives the ability to extrude many types of thermosetting jackets, including CSPE, neoprene and LS0H. Additionally, Aetna’s jacketing options make their products ideal for installation in harsh environments and meet or exceed latest industry standards.
Aetna’s manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia utilizes its own supply of copper rods and incorporates the latest technology in wire drawing, stranding, insulating, cabling, armoring and jacketing. Aetna has one of the largest armoring facilities in the country, allowing them to fill unique and specialized armoring requirements in a matter of weeks.
Aetna Insulated Wire has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to protecting the environment, as shown by its enrollment in the National Partnership for Environmental Policies Program. The full story can be found at

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