Alpha Wire

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EMSI, Inc works with Alpha Wire to provide our customers with premium wire and cable solutions. Alpha Wire specializes in products that can withstand any environmental hazard, be it temperature, oils and solvents or electrical noise. Alpha Wire product is used everywhere from factory floors to offshore oil rigs.

Alpha Wire’s advanced manufacturing facilities allow them to provide the industry’s widest range and largest inventory of wire, cable and tubing products. Alpha Wire utilizes world-class logistics to provide same-day shipping in many instances.
AlphaWire’s EcoCable product is the next generation of control cables. By combining better performance and minimal environmental impact, EcoCable uses its mPPE insulation and jacketing to provide all of the advantages in a smaller, lighter control cable. Learn more about AlphaWire’s EcoCable here.

EMSI, Inc works with Alpha Wire due to their commitment to operational excellence and customer service. The company earned their first ISO 9000 certificate in 1994 and its first ISO 9001 certificate in 2000.

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