EMSI, Inc. works with Calbond to offer our customers a selection of PVC-coated electrical conduit, as well as fittings an accessories, necessary for the effective protection of electrical products in highly corrosive environments. Calbond manufacturers both steel and aluminum pipe for electrical installations, with use cases for classified areas, corrosive indoor/ outdoor environments, or both.  Calbond’s products meet and exceed industry standards and are particularly beneficial for companies that need increased protection against corrosion. Calbond’s product offerings include conduit pipe, junction boxes, conduit bodies along with a wide range of fittings and accessories.

EMSI partners with Calbond because of its ability to provide our customers with the best electrical conduit products available. Calbond products feature a specially-formulated urethane, along with a sealing sleeve that fits tightly over coated conduit products to provide an industry best life cycle. Calbond’s quality assurance program is in compliance with industry standards established by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and NEMA. Calbond’s conduit products  use 40 mil PVC exterior coating and 2 mil urethane interior and thread coating.

Calbond offers over 40 years of industry manufacturer experience and knowledge, with products that are designed to exceed industry standards and designed to conquer the most demanding and corrosive environments. Calbond is a subsidiary of Calpipe industries, which serves customers internationally from three US-based manufacturing facilities, combining to make up more than 96,000 feet of manufacturing and inventory space.

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