STB Electrical Test Equipment Inc.

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For 35 years, STB Electrical test Equipment Inc.  has been offering Phasing Voltmeters, Ground Fault Detectors, Phase Rotation Meters and Ammeters.  All their products are US made, tested, and shipped out of Auburn, California. As safety is STB’s top priority, their staff is consistently coming up with innovative products,...
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Gardner Bender

EMSI, Inc works with Gardner Bender to provide our customers with electrical conduit fittings and accessories, installation and climbing equipment and wire and cable management products and accessories. Gardner Bender’s extensive line of products include electric tools, voltage testers, general wire management products, and other professional equipment. The hallmark...
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Buckingham Manufacturing

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EMSI, Inc works with Buckingham Manufacturing to provide its customers with installation and climbing equipment, specializing in arborists’ and linemens’ equipment. Buckingham is primarily concerned with the design and manufacture of climbing and work positioning equipment, fall protection gear, and accessories specifically designed for the electric, telecommunications, cable and...
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EMSI, Inc partners with Aqua-Tronics to supply our customers with solutions to buried utilities problems. Founded in 1967, Aqua-Tronic’s sole purpose is to design and manufacture locating equipment that is field rugged and field useful. Aqua-Tronics’ products do everything from identify where cables are in the ground to detecting...
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