Premier Conduit

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EMSI works with Premier Conduit to provide our customers with an alternative conduit for effective cable and fiber optic management within interior raceways. Premier Plenum Duct meets UL-(910) standards for the National Electrical Code, Article 770, and satisfies UL-2024 standards for low smoke and flame propagation. Premier Corrugated HDPE...
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PowerPro Conduit

EMSI works with PowerPro Conduit to provide customers with a British Standard/Metric option for steel conduit and fittings.  PowerPro Conduit  offers an extensive line which includes black and galvanized pipe plain ends, black and galvanized pipe threaded with couplings. A leading brand for pipe and fittings, currently PowerPro Conduit’s...
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Penn Union

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EMSI, Inc works with Penn Union to provide grounding and lightning protection systems to its customers.  Penn Union has engineered and produced electrical connectors all over the country in a variety of industries for 83 years. Penn Union’s aluminum and copper offerings are listed for power, grounding, bonding and...
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Meriam Process Technologies

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EMSI, Inc works with Meriam Process Technologies to supply our customers with measurement instrumentation solutions. Meriam specializes in multifunction calibrators, HART communicators, mechanical gauges, digital and analog pressure transmitters, manometers, pressure pumps and primary flow elements including averaging pitot tubes, orifice plates and flanges. Meriam manufactures reliable and accurate...
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Marmon Gardex

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The leading continuously corrugated and welded cable product of the Marmon Specialty Wire & Cable Group (including Aetna Insulated Wire and RSCC). Marmon Gardex Type Mc-HL continuously welded armor cables have been manufactured for over 50 years utilizing state-of-the-art, ISO certified facilities. From instrumentation and control to power and...
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EMSI works with Marinco to offer our customers a specific selection for wire and cable management products and accessories, particularly tailored to Marinco’s specialty, which is products for harsh, marine environments. Overall, Marinco manufacturers a variety of products for markets in marine, recreational vehicles, residential and commercial generators, healthcare,...
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Lind Equipment

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EMSI, Inc works with Lind Equipment to provide our customers with emergency lighting and signaling as well as grounding and lightning protection solutions. Lind Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable electrical products for commercial, industrial, and hazardous work environments. Specific Lind products include portable incandescent and...
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International Metal Hose

EMSI, Inc works with International Metal Hose to supply our customers with electrical conduit, cable trays and electrical conduit fittings and accessories.  International Metal Hose’s products are most often used in settings such as construction, industrial facilities, wire harnesses, machine tools, instrumentation and telecom equipment. International Metal Hose has...
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Heat Trace Products

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EMSI, Inc works with Heat Trace Products to provide our customers with instrumentation, heat trace cables, kits and accessories in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Heat Trace Products is a world leading company in the manufacture of heat trace cables, kits, and accessories. Contrary to what its name might...
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