B-Line by Eaton

EMSI, Inc. works with B-Line by Eaton across a breadth of product categories to offer our customers industry-leading conduit enclosures, quality support systems, anchor systems, cable trays, and more. B-line products span four of EMSI’s line card categories, making it one of the most diversified offerings within the EMSI portfolio...
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EMSI, Inc partners with Aqua-Tronics to supply our customers with solutions to buried utilities problems. Founded in 1967, Aqua-Tronic’s sole purpose is to design and manufacture locating equipment that is field rugged and field useful. Aqua-Tronics’ products do everything from identify where cables are in the ground to detecting...
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Alpha Wire

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EMSI, Inc works with Alpha Wire to provide our customers with premium wire and cable solutions. Alpha Wire specializes in products that can withstand any environmental hazard, be it temperature, oils and solvents or electrical noise. Alpha Wire product is used everywhere from factory floors to offshore oil rigs....
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EMSI, Inc works with Aetna Insulated Wire to offer building wire and specialty cable solutions to our customers. Aetna uses a new mold cure process to make its cables and wire resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture, and fluid.
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