Champion Fiberglass

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EMSI, Inc. works with Champion Fiberglass to provide our customers with fiberglass conduit systems, specifically for above ground, under bridge, encased in concrete, or direct burial applications.  Champion Fiberglass’ highly engineered products are manufactured to be stronger, lighter and non-corrosive while meeting the most stringent quality standards.  Champion Fiberglass conduit systems are excellent for projects requiring the versatility and performance of fiberglass conduit systems, versus other materials like PVC, aluminum, or steel.

Fiberglass conduit offers exceptional corrosion resistance and will not melt or weld wire to the inside of the conduit under fault conditions. Additionally, fiberglass does not release toxic halogens (i.e. chlorine and bromine) when burned.  Fiberglass conduit systems are lightweight and easily cut, creating economically viable solutions through reduced labor costs and easier installations.  Champion Fiberglass’s products meet all industry standard certifications, including: ISO, UL, CSA, NFPA, and NEMRA.

Champion Fiberglass began in 1988 and is headquartered in Spring, Texas.  Since its inception, Champion Fiberglass has become  the leading supplier of fiberglass conduit and strut to the industrial, electrical and mechanical markets.  All Champion products are manufactured in the United States with the most advanced fiberglass conduit manufacturing process, resulting the quality and versatility of Champion’s products.  Contact EMSI today to find out if Champion Fiberglass is the right choice for your use case.