Gibson Stainless


EMSI, Inc works with Gibson Stainless to provide our customers with electrical conduit and cable trays as well as electrical conduit fittings and accessories.  Gibson’s stainless steel products are designed to be used with heavywall conduit, although some products will work on EMT or IMC as well.

EMSI works with Gibson due to their continued commitment to product excellence.  Many of their product lines carry Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval and meet NEMA standards.  All products are designed to meet and exceed standard electrical industry practices.

Stainless steel is the perfect choice in area where corrosion is a concern, as stainless steel has a much greater resistance to rust and corrosion than standard carbon steels and greater resistance than coated steels such as zinc-coated or galvanized.

Gibson Stainless was founded in Blairsville, Pennsylvania and originally provided customers with hard-to-find stainless steel electrical accessories.  As demand grew for 100% stainless steel products, Gibson developed additional products such as electrical conduit and cable trays and electrical conduit fittings and accessories.

In 2001, Gibson relocated to their current facility in Greensburg, Pennsylvania to accommodate growth and expansion.

For more information on Gibson Stainless, you can contact EMSI today.