Heat Trace Products

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EMSI, Inc works with Heat Trace Products to provide our customers with instrumentation, heat trace cables, kits and accessories in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Heat Trace Products is a world leading company in the manufacture of heat trace cables, kits, and accessories.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, Heat Trace Products also produces self-regulating low temperature maintenance and freeze protection applications.


Heat Trace Products is the only company to offer both a 25- and 30-watt per foot product with a maintain temperature of 375 degrees fahrenheit (190 degrees celsius).  Heat Trace Products also sels industrial heaters for process temperature maintenance.  Commercial and Residential Heat Trace products include Commercial Heat Trace Cable, Hot Water Temperature Maintenance and Roof and Gutting De-Icing Cable and De-Icing Heaters.  Heat Trace Cable Kits and Accessories are available for most types of self regulating heat trace cable.

EMSI works with Heat Trace Products due to the reliability of their product–some customers have reported that their cable products purchased from HTP are still functioning after 25 years.

Visit Heat Trace Products’ website to view their current featured product, the T-Links Series Self Regulating Heating Cable.

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