Lind Equipment

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EMSI, Inc works with Lind Equipment to provide our customers with emergency lighting and signaling as well as grounding and lightning protection solutions. Lind Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable electrical products for commercial, industrial, and hazardous work environments. Specific Lind products include portable incandescent and fluorescent hand lamps.

Lind Equipment was founded more than 60 years ago and, since the beginning, has been dedicated to providing customers with safe, dependable electrical equipment that is tough enough for any sector or industry. While Lind specializes in oil/ gas, aviation, construction, chemical, and automotive industrial business applications, its products can be found across a huge selection of sectors around the world.

The value proposition of Lind Equipment lies in its dedication to quality, particularly for use cases where nothing but the best can be tolerated due to hazardous conditions.

If you’re interested in additional news about Lind Equiptment, you can find recent news and information on the company’s website.

Additionally, reach out to EMSI with any questions or product inquiries.

Here’s a demonstration of Lind Equipment’s heavy-duty LED work lights: