EMSI, Inc. works with B-Line by Eaton across a breadth of product categories to offer our customers industry-leading conduit enclosures, quality support systems, anchor systems, cable trays, and more. B-line products span four of EMSI’s line card categories, making it one of the most diversified offerings within the EMSI portfolio of manufacturers. B-Line was founded in 1956 and is a division of Eaton and is headquartered in Highland, Illinois. Eaton Corporation, based in Cleveland, Ohio, acquired Cooper Industries, including B-Line, in 2012 for $11.8 B. Since it’s inception, B-Line has become a leading international manufacturer and its products have been in a...Read More
EMSI, Inc. works with Calbond to offer our customers a selection of PVC-coated electrical conduit, as well as fittings an accessories, necessary for the effective protection of electrical products in highly corrosive environments. Calbond manufacturers both steel and aluminum pipe for electrical installations, with use cases for classified areas, corrosive indoor/ outdoor environments, or both.  Calbond’s products meet and exceed industry standards and are particularly beneficial for companies that need increased protection against corrosion. Calbond’s product offerings include conduit pipe, junction boxes, conduit bodies along with a wide range of fittings and accessories. EMSI partners with Calbond because of its...Read More
EMSI, Inc. partners with Cantex to provide our customers industry-best offerings in PVC conduit, PVC fittings and accessories, utility ducts, spacers, and many other non-metallic electrical products. All Cantex products meet electrical industry-standards for excellence and Cantex is a proud supporter of NAED, IAEI, IEEE, ASTM, NECA, ETL and U.L. along with many other associations in the construction industry. Cantex is an important part of EMSI’s line card and has over 40 years of industry experience. As a representative of Cantex, EMSI provides our customers with the following products: Nema TC-2/TC-8 Schedule 40 & 80 PVC Conduits PVC Fittings and Accessories Utility Ducts Spacers Fittings...Read More
EMSI, Inc. works with Champion Fiberglass to provide our customers with fiberglass conduit systems, specifically for above ground, under bridge, encased in concrete, or direct burial applications.  Champion Fiberglass’ highly engineered products are manufactured to be stronger, lighter and non-corrosive while meeting the most stringent quality standards.  Champion Fiberglass conduit systems are excellent for projects requiring the versatility and performance of fiberglass conduit systems, versus other materials like PVC, aluminum, or steel. Fiberglass conduit offers exceptional corrosion resistance and will not melt or weld wire to the inside of the conduit under fault conditions. Additionally, fiberglass does not release toxic halogens...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Gibson Stainless to provide our customers with electrical conduit and cable trays as well as electrical conduit fittings and accessories.  Gibson’s stainless steel products are designed to be used with heavywall conduit, although some products will work on EMT or IMC as well. EMSI works with Gibson due to their continued commitment to product excellence.  Many of their product lines carry Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval and meet NEMA standards.  All products are designed to meet and exceed standard electrical industry practices. Stainless steel is the perfect choice in area where corrosion is a concern, as stainless steel...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with International Metal Hose to supply our customers with electrical conduit, cable trays and electrical conduit fittings and accessories.  International Metal Hose’s products are most often used in settings such as construction, industrial facilities, wire harnesses, machine tools, instrumentation and telecom equipment. International Metal Hose has been providing excellent product and service to their customers since 1956.  In that time, the company has adapted and expanded their offerings to products for electrical, fluid-handling, electronic and telecommunications applications.  International Metal Hose manufacturers a large selection of electrical conduit products, including flexible metal tubing and hose for exhaust, material...Read More
EMSI works with Premier Conduit to provide our customers with an alternative conduit for effective cable and fiber optic management within interior raceways. Premier Plenum Duct meets UL-(910) standards for the National Electrical Code, Article 770, and satisfies UL-2024 standards for low smoke and flame propagation. Premier Corrugated HDPE is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is intended to be placed inside of existing inner duct. It’s ideal for pulls fewer than 1000 ft. and is designed to reduce surface contact when pulling cable. This lightweight product offers maximum flexibility, and allows for installation in small or restricted areas. Premier Riser...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Universal Lighting Technologies to provide our customers with lighting solutions.  Universal Lighting Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency lighting ballasts and control systems.  Universal Lighting Technologies offers a full suite of electronic and magnetic ballasts for compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent, and HiD lighting along with a comprehensive line of digital and analog dimming systems.   In 2009, Universal Lighting Technologies made several strategic acquisitions to begin offering a full range of HiD products, transformers, ignitors, capacitors, lampholders and other luminary components. EMSI works with Universal Lighting Technologies due to their commitment to...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Wheatland Tube Company to provide our customers with electrical conduit and cable trays and electrical conduit fittings and accessories.  Wheatland Tube is a recognized world leader in the manufacturing of continuous weld and electric weld tubular products and produces over one million pounds of steel tubing per year in six manufacturing facilities, making them the largest steel pipe manufacturer in North America.  Their products are used in energy generation, industrial applications, the construction industry and in consumer products. Wheatland Tube Company is the largest electrical fittings manufacturer in North America and is known for a number...Read More