EMSI, Inc works with Harger to provide our clients with grounding and lightning protection solutions.  Harger has provided its customers with superior service and product since 1960, placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction and quick response times to customer queries. Harger offers hundreds of products and has worked extensively with the wireless and telecommunications market.  Buildings such as the Sears Tower, John Hancock and Amoco Oil buildings in Chicago are protected with Harger systems. Harger continually invests in the latest and most innovative manufacturing equipment in order to manufacture products to some of the most exact specifications in the industry.  Harger’s...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Lind Equipment to provide our customers with emergency lighting and signaling as well as grounding and lightning protection solutions. Lind Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable electrical products for commercial, industrial, and hazardous work environments. Specific Lind products include portable incandescent and fluorescent hand lamps. Lind Equipment was founded more than 60 years ago and, since the beginning, has been dedicated to providing customers with safe, dependable electrical equipment that is tough enough for any sector or industry. While Lind specializes in oil/ gas, aviation, construction, chemical, and automotive industrial business applications, its...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Penn Union to provide grounding and lightning protection systems to its customers.  Penn Union has engineered and produced electrical connectors all over the country in a variety of industries for 83 years. Penn Union’s aluminum and copper offerings are listed for power, grounding, bonding and direct burial.  Penn Union offers over 30,000 product variations in sizes from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds.  Penn Union takes advantage of online supply chain management to distribute products all over the country. Penn Union’s commitment to customer service has distinguished them from other manufacturers and has been the source...Read More