EMSI, Inc works with Adalet to offer enclosures and instrumentation. Adalet produces a wide variety of enclosures for both hazardous and nonhazardous environments. These engineered enclosure systems include explosionproof and stainless steel junction boxes, motor control enclosures, meter and instrument housings, and increased safety terminal and control enclosures suitable for NEMA type 1 through NEMA type 13 applications. Adalet markets a broad line of industrial and explosion-proof enclosure systems for a wide range of industries. Specific products manufactured by Adalet include: explosion-proof panelboards for lighting and power distribution, thermal management systems, pilot devices, high voltage cable couplers, and other related...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Heat Trace Products to provide our customers with instrumentation, heat trace cables, kits and accessories in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Heat Trace Products is a world leading company in the manufacture of heat trace cables, kits, and accessories. Contrary to what its name might suggest, Heat Trace Products also produces self-regulating low temperature maintenance and freeze protection applications.   Heat Trace Products is the only company to offer both a 25- and 30-watt per foot product with a maintain temperature of 375 degrees fahrenheit (190 degrees celsius).  Heat Trace Products also sels industrial heaters for process temperature maintenance.  Commercial...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Meriam Process Technologies to supply our customers with measurement instrumentation solutions. Meriam specializes in multifunction calibrators, HART communicators, mechanical gauges, digital and analog pressure transmitters, manometers, pressure pumps and primary flow elements including averaging pitot tubes, orifice plates and flanges. Meriam manufactures reliable and accurate process measurement instrumentation including mechanical and electronic pressure indicators, analog and digital pressure transmitters, primary flow elements, handheld pressure, temperature and loop calibrators, handheld HART communicators, process indicators and complete flow systems. Meriam has worked extensively with companies in the automotive engineering, chemical processing, natural gas, petrochemical, water, power, waste and aviation...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Tomar Electronics to provide our customers with emergency lighting and signaling solutions.  Tomar specializes in LED, strobe, and NEOBE technology. Located in Gilbert, Arizona, Tomar is a leading US and Global provider of high quality emergency warning and optical preemption systems for customers. In business for more than 40 years, Tomar has a wealth of experience in the field and is dedicated to extreme efficiency and the highest possible reliability in LED and strobe lighting systems. To maintain its position as an industry leader, Tomar places a huge emphasis on research and development to manufacture state-of-the-art...Read More