EMSI, Inc. works with B-Line by Eaton across a breadth of product categories to offer our customers industry-leading conduit enclosures, quality support systems, anchor systems, cable trays, and more. B-line products span four of EMSI’s line card categories, making it one of the most diversified offerings within the EMSI portfolio of manufacturers. B-Line was founded in 1956 and is a division of Eaton and is headquartered in Highland, Illinois. Eaton Corporation, based in Cleveland, Ohio, acquired Cooper Industries, including B-Line, in 2012 for $11.8 B. Since it’s inception, B-Line has become a leading international manufacturer and its products have been in a...Read More
Since 1978, Bimed is a large international company specializing in: • Cable fitting elements, as plastic and metallic cable glands • Pressure balance elements, ventilation glands and ventilation plugs • Plastic connectors for the white and automotive industries • Gas springs for the automotive and furniture industries • Disposable medical products. Cable fittings are manufactured for mult-purpose applications in electrical, electronic, and the automotive industries and all their products conform to EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Also offered are Explosion proof glands that are Atex 100 and IEC Ex, multi-function, and for both armored and non-armored cable. If you are looking for more information on Bimed, please Contact...Read More
EMSI, Inc works with Gardner Bender to provide our customers with electrical conduit fittings and accessories, installation and climbing equipment and wire and cable management products and accessories. Gardner Bender’s extensive line of products include electric tools, voltage testers, general wire management products, and other professional equipment. The hallmark of Gardner Bender has always been offering quality products to electrical contractors and an affordable price. Jim Gardner began the company over fifty years ago when he developed a better way to manufacture bending conduit and later expanded to a wide variety of products.  Gardner Bender utilizes a world-class global supply...Read More
EMSI works with Marinco to offer our customers a specific selection for wire and cable management products and accessories, particularly tailored to Marinco’s specialty, which is products for harsh, marine environments. Overall, Marinco manufacturers a variety of products for markets in marine, recreational vehicles, residential and commercial generators, healthcare, mobility, and entertainment. Other products include NEMA classified amps devices, adapters, plugs, receptacles, panel mounts, flanged inlets and outlets, and CLM. While Marinco’s products aren’t for all use cases, the company is the industry leader in providing electrical and mechanical products designed for aquatic and harsh environments across a number of...Read More