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EMSI works with Marinco to offer our customers a specific selection for wire and cable management products and accessories, particularly tailored to Marinco’s specialty, which is products for harsh, marine environments. Overall, Marinco manufacturers a variety of products for markets in marine, recreational vehicles, residential and commercial generators, healthcare, mobility, and entertainment. Other products include NEMA classified amps devices, adapters, plugs, receptacles, panel mounts, flanged inlets and outlets, and CLM.

While Marinco’s products aren’t for all use cases, the company is the industry leader in providing electrical and mechanical products designed for aquatic and harsh environments across a number of industries. Marinco is an ISO9001 certified company that ensures precision-manufactured and high-quality products. Marinco’s product catalog can be found on its website under the catalogs and products section.

For any further questions or product inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact EMSI.