Meriam Process Technologies

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EMSI, Inc works with Meriam Process Technologies to supply our customers with measurement instrumentation solutions. Meriam specializes in multifunction calibrators, HART communicators, mechanical gauges, digital and analog pressure transmitters, manometers, pressure pumps and primary flow elements including averaging pitot tubes, orifice plates and flanges.

Meriam manufactures reliable and accurate process measurement instrumentation including mechanical and electronic pressure indicators, analog and digital pressure transmitters, primary flow elements, handheld pressure, temperature and loop calibrators, handheld HART communicators, process indicators and complete flow systems.

Meriam has worked extensively with companies in the automotive engineering, chemical processing, natural gas, petrochemical, water, power, waste and aviation industries.

Meriam Process Technologies is a Scott Fetzer Company.

If you would like more information about the products offered by Meriam Process Technologies, please contact EMSI today.

See the video below for a demonstration of Meriam Process’ M201 Gas Meter Tester.