STB Electrical Test Equipment Inc.

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For 35 years, STB Electrical test Equipment Inc.  has been offering Phasing Voltmeters, Ground Fault Detectors, Phase Rotation Meters and Ammeters.  All their products are US made, tested, and shipped out of Auburn, California.

As safety is STB’s top priority, their staff is consistently coming up with innovative products, educating consumers, and providing customers with quick lead times, and exceptional service.  Each unit is designed to suit he user’s needs with features that include durability, lightweight handling, water resistance, and linear designs.

STB Products pride themselves on the following:

-Advanced Technology: STB Electrical Test Equipment Inc. employees are progressive, forward thinking, and continuously look for new ideas to advance safety and service in electrical test equipment.

-Safety: East STB unit is assembled, inspected, and rigorously tested by their testing department to ensure quality and safety.

-User Friendly: Products are manufactured with consumer needs and ease of use

-Customization: STB can customize your dials to include a name, logo and/or preferred color

-Quick Delivery: STB maintains efficient inventory levels on most products to fulfill orders and ship within 1-3 business days

-Industry Experience: STB has been manufacturing and providing electrical test equipment service to customers for over 35 years


*DUNS #095649356

*Cage Code 1DH77

*CA Small Micro Business #11017

*CA WBE #14989

*NAICS Code 334515

*GSA (US General Services Administration)

*JCP (US/Canada Joint Certification Program)

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