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EMSI, Inc works with Tork to provide our customers with lighting equipment and solutions.  Tork products are part of the NSi industries and are manufactured in NSi’s Mount Vernon, VT facility.  Tork has been an industry leader in the lighting equipment space for more than 85 years and also offers products in a broad range of other related fields, including electromechanical and digital time switches, signaling and alert devices, pool and spa controls, residential timers, photocontrols and occupancy sensors.

As a long-held industry leader, Tork is associated with quality and performance within its space.  In the 1920′s, Tork introduced the first electromechanical switch on the market, starting a tradition of excellent that continues today.  Tork’s reputation has earned its place in some of the most time-sensitive use cases today, like the Empire State Building, Washington DC Parks and Recreation, The Triborough Bridge, The Met Life Building and many more institutions across the country.

For more information about Tork or NSi, take a look at the products section of the company’s website.  For any inquiries about the product or its use for your business, Contact EMSI today.